Your payments made easy

Alternative Payment Methods

Give your customers the option to choose the alternative payment method they prefer at checkout, and pay for their orders without a credit or a debit card. At payabl., we offer the most popular alternative payment methods (APMs) that appeal to cross-border shoppers.

If you and your business are targeting customers globally, you should consider accepting international payments to convert more browsers to buyers. 

  • Bank Transfers 
  • Mobile Payments 
  • Prepaid Vouchers

Alternate Payment Options to Fit your Business Strategy

Each region and/or country has its own popular alternative payment methods (other than credit or debit card payments), which can be used to localize the payment experience your online business offers through your website, and offer more convenience to your customers.

Wherever your customers are located, we provide a variety of local payment options to support your localization strategy while you expand your business to new e-commerce markets worldwide. We adapt our payment methods and solutions to suit your business objectives so that you can take care of the rest.

Alternative Payment Methods

The following alternative payment options are enabled through our payment gateway:

Prepaid Vouchers

Prepaid Vouchers, such as Payasafecard, are particularly popular with customers concerned about privacy and data security. Consumers exchange cash payments for an electronic code or a physical card. They can then use these codes when they reach your website's checkout page and complete their purchase.