Your payments made easy

Virtual Terminal

Accept credit card payments using our virtual terminal and reach out to your customers who prefer to pay over the phone, by mail order or on-site via a tablet.

Securely hosted PCI DSS Level 1 payment servers

Perfect for card-not-present transactions from anywhere in the world

What is a virtual terminal?

Put simply, it is a website-based application that allows you to process your customers’ credit card payments with ease.

The payment terminal contains a secure web form where you enter the customer details and credit card. The payment details are then posted to our servers for authorization and the result of the transaction is shown on the screen.

Why do you require a virtual terminal?

  • No integration needed
  • Processing of moto transactions
  • Save on POS systems and peripheral hardware
  • 24-hour access to in-depth reports
  • Remote credit card processing
  • Recurring Transactions Processing enabled
  • Backup for POS systems
  • Payment link option allows 3DS processing and access to multiple payment methods

payabl.’s payment terminal technology

Now you can easily benefit from our technology and start accepting payments virtually.
Our payment terminal comes complete with:

PCI DSS Level 1 Secure environment

Minimal setup procedure

Generated reports and transactional analytics

Free with an e-commerce merchant account