Your payments made risk-free

Risk Management

Protect your business from payment fraud using the latest in risk management technology, tools and fraud prevention capabilities.

Fraud Management Tools

Enjoy the security that payabl.’s cutting-edge fraud prevention tools afford, and smartly balance approval ratios and fraud protection.

Instant Insights

We take pride in our in-depth dashboard. Through it, you can instantly access data that will help you prevent fraud by detecting any fraudulent patterns that require certain rules to prevent them.


By incorporating pre-authorization, you can ensure that client funds are held for a few days, thus lowering the risk of chargebacks caused by fraudsters.

Double-Shield Protection

Enhance your protection against fraudulent payments by utilizing 3D Secure 2.0. An extra layer of security allows you to prove that the card user is the legitimate holder of the card.

Rules and Criteria

Review payment transactions for fraudulent patterns, within a defined period of time. This is achieved by performing a series of checks through our risk control tools.

Payment risk - What to consider

When considering risk management, and whether a secure payment processor like payabl. is right for your business, have a look at the benefits we offer:

Less chargebacks

Protect your business from chargebacks before they are even requested.

360 fraud management

Avoid all fraudulent activities not only in payments but also content abuse, account takeover and many more.

More security, higher conversions

Reduce your risk levels and enjoy higher conversion rates.

Instant reports

Get instant data that allows you to act fast.

Understanding that payment risk is a security problem worth addressing will allow you to manage your business in a more effective manner. The result of such fraud is a significant impact on your company’s bottom line and reputation.

Cutting-edge payments, taken personally.

Compliance & Security

Ensure fraud-free conversions with the latest 3D Secure 2.0 solutions.