Product News - 07/05/19

Zimpler Mobile Payments

Zimpler is a Swedish FinTech company and founder of a mobile wallet that was created to simplify online mobile payments.  The main market of the product is Sweden and Finland, with the FinTech company planning on entering more European markets in the near future.

According to a Deloitte report , Nordic societies are declining physical payments and move towards a cashless society.   By 2025, at least one of the Nordic countries is expected to become completely cashless as their residents will only use cash in services that do not accept any other method of payment.  Mobile wallets is one of the most popular payment solutions for online and offline cashless payments.

Benefits of using Zimpler 

Zimpler mobile payment solution is designed for online purchases and is mostly used in the industries of retail, travel, and gaming. Consumers can enjoy numerous benefits by using the mobile wallet by Zimpler, such as:

  • Convenience – with Zimpler, there is no need for people to carry their credit card when they want to pay online.  Their mobile wallet stores all their payment data and can be used for online payments no matter where they are located.
  • Speed – consumers look for a fast payment process when they buy products and services online.  The mobile wallet offered by Zimpler does not require a registration and password setting to proceed with payment.  Within a few minutes, a payment is complete.
  • Safety – Zimpler supports safe payments by sending an email and sms confirmation to the customer.  Once the payment is complete, the customer will receive a notification about the payment and they can also review all their payments through their Zimpler account.  Spending limits is another security measure that users can benefit from which will help them better control their expenses.

Merchants that accept online payments via Zimpler experience many advantages as well. Some of those advantages include:

  • Increase in sales – merchants who offer a variety of payment methods to their customers, especially those who include an eWallet payment solution, experience a sales increase as they reach a broader audience of online shoppers like Millennials.
  • No chargebacks – Payments through Zimpler’s mobile wallet are not subject to chargebacks.  Merchants should not worry about disputed transactions as there is no risk of chargeback requests. 
  • Real-time transaction confirmation – receive an instant confirmation for every transaction completed with Zimpler mobile payment solution. 

How Zimpler works

As the eWallet was built to be used by people on-the-go, the steps required to make a payment are pretty easy.  First, the customer will place an order and choose Zimpler as the preferred payment method.  The shopper has the option to pay by bank, card, or invoice.  Then they will have to enter their mobile phone number and enter the code they will receive by text, at the Zimpler application.  A payment is considered confirmed once is reviewed and authorized by the consumer.

How to get Zimpler mobile payments for your business 

Powercash21 enables online merchants to process Zimpler mobile payments.  For more information on Zimpler pricing for your business, feel free to get in touch with our team.