Product News - 22/01/19

WeChat Pay Mobile Payments

Mobile wallets are definitely on the rise and WeChat Pay is one of the most famous mobile wallets in the market of China. Powercash21 offers the WeChat Pay payment solution to merchants who wish to reach the Chinese market and provide their clients with an easy-to-use payment option for their payment domestically or whenever they are in the world.  WeChat Pay is a feature that is available through the WeChat instant messaging application and lets users pay instantly using their smartphone.

WeChat Pay is mainly used in the retail and travel merchant industry with consumers choosing to purchase clothing, footwear, airline tickets, and hotel accommodation simply by paying with their mobile phone. The popular mobile payment method provides various key benefits such as:

  • Speed: real-time bank transfers that make it a fast payment method for both merchants and consumers
  • Security: merchants and consumers can rely on its secure payment environment
  • Instant payment confirmation: merchants receive a real-time transaction confirmation
  • Convenience: consumers do not have to register in order to use it
  • No risk of chargebacks: merchants can accept payments without worrying about chargebacks 

How WeChat Pay works?
To pay with WeChat Pay, consumers must have a WeChat account and a Chinese bank card from which the payments will be made using the app.

By choosing WeChat Pay as the payment method when they place an order, they will need to scan the QR code with their mobile phone and fill in their WeChat Pay credentials in order to authorize the payment.  When the payment authorization is done, the payment is considered as confirmed.

Merchants can access 100+ alternative payment methods offered by Powercash21, including WeChat Pay, only with one simple integration.

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