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Merchant Dashboard

Where convenience meets superior data. Take control of your business activities with payabl.'s sleek dashboard, designed to organize raw data into actionable insights. Manage and monitor your business payments on the go.

The payabl. Merchant Dashboard

Monitor and reconcile your processing activity with ease using our proprietary control center and financial database software.
Our merchant dashboard has been built to provide real-time transaction processing data at a granular level, as well as a complete financial overview for each MIDs activity, to satisfy your financial reporting requirements.

Sales Volume Analysis

Monitor your sales activity to date via:

  • Volume by Payment Method
  • Volume per Card Scheme
  • Volume by Country
  • Daily Volume

As a result, you can view precise information regarding the sales volume of payments processed.

Chargeback Analysis

Prevent chargebacks by accessing insights via analytics based on:

  • Reason Code
  • Country
  • Card Brand

Know exactly where your chargebacks have come from and the reason they were initiated. Reason coding by Visa and Mastercard is integrated into the system, providing the exact reason for each chargeback, helping you to pinpoint what is causing them and taking you one step closer to preventing them.

Transaction Log

The transaction log tab offers a comprehensive detailed view of every single transaction relating to your online business. 

Every transaction is given a unique ID and details such as the transaction date, transaction time, currency and amount are clearly visible for accurate monitoring. 

Fraud Reports

Our merchant dashboard captures and records all forms of fraud, to provide you with actionable data. Suspicious patterns can be identified, providing merchants with the necessary insight to act against fraud and prevent future issues.

Business Intelligence

In the business intelligence tab, you can find additional details that offer consolidated intelligence around your business. These include:

Volume Trends

Top Decline Reasons

Top Transaction Decline Issuers

Top BIN Countries

Top Transaction Rejecting Issuers

High Volume Customers

Approval Rates

Find your approval rate on the count of transactions, the actual amounts, and the ratio of top countries via our merchant dashboard. Issuer and gateway declines are also available, providing a full picture of approval rates.

Financial Reporting

The Finance tab is of particular importance to merchants, as it offers information regarding settlement, reserve, and security deposit balances. Settlements and reserves can be reconciled daily and monitored for outstanding instances. Stay up to date on the financial status of your payment processing with the click of a button.